"I  first met Larissa by chance in an office building where I was waiting  for an appointment. Although she was a complete stranger to me at the  time, my immediate impression was that she is a very kind, compassionate  and joy-filled individual, the type of person who would be a great  friend to have! Funnily enough, I happened to pick up a random business  card, (one of approximately 15 options displayed,) while exiting the  office that day. I later realized after booking a appointment that  Larissa was the woman I had met by chance earlier that week, which  reaffirmed by belief that the Universe brings is the right teachers when  we are ready!

Over the past couple of years I have visited  Larissa for both personal readings and energy healing, and subsequently  enrolled as a student in Larissa's development class. Each of these were  extremely positive experiences that encouraged personal growth. Larissa  is a wonderful teacher and I was impressed by her ability to create a  joy-filled, positive learning environment where every student feels  comfortable and is learning, no matter their level of experience. I  wasn't sure what to expect at the first class, but I met an amazing  group of people.

I am always impressed by Larissa's warmth,  professionalism, kindness, down-to-earth genuine personality and  INCREDIBLE intuitive and healing abilities. I appreciate that Larissa is  very conscientious in all aspects of her work; her readings, healing  treatments and even friendly advice are very accurate and even on  difficult topics, always delivered in a truthful, compassionate manner  supportive of creating one's best life!

Thanks Larissa, you are the best!! :-)"

                      Lisa T, Toronto, Ontario

“Very focused and deep healing. Pain relief with relaxation. Thank you very much.”

                Mark T Cassadaga, New York

"I  had physical sensations as Larissa scanned my body. The information she  picked up felt right and    was something that I had not been  consciously aware of until we talked about what she picked up.  That was  very helpful - I was able to bring [the physical discomfort] out where I  can work with what is going on with my body, [something] I had not been  consciously aware of.

The session was very professional. Larissa made sure I was prepared and knew what to expect in advance. Thank you!"
             Barbara T. Irvine, California

"Larissa  has a very gentle and sweet way about her that permeated the healing  session. Everything about the healing was very gentle, and I appreciated  this."   

       Nicholas. Nashville, Tennessee

"Most  significant to me was Larissa's accuracy regarding my major issues and  fears. Things that she said were specific to my situation and were  directly [related to] issues I've had for a long time. I was quite blown  away by Larissa's accuracy and with how insightful she was. I wasn't  expecting such a specific and on target response. As well, I was  impressed and surprised by the actual physical feelings I sustained  during the healing, such as tingling, light- headedness and emotion.  Larissa did a fantastic job. I thought Larissa was very friendly,  personable, and genuine. I would definitely recommend her to others.                                        

Janet K, St Johns, Newfoundland 

“It was all very insightful and relative [to my life at this time]. I love your energy and personality. Thank you so much!"

                        Erin O. Toronto, Ontario

"This  was an awesome experience that I would love to repeat again. I really  enjoyed this experience. It was very eye opening. Larissa vocalized the  thoughts I had been thinking, and she made me feel calm and relaxed  about the decisions ahead that I will be facing."
               Tamica J. London, Ontario

"Larissa  is a LOVE of a young woman....gracious in all ways. I feel blessed that  she and I have connected. She is an excellent reader...gentle, kind,  articulate, and very, very accurate. Her delivery is never jarring and  never haphazard. Her readings are thoughtful and full of love. I felt  like I was under the care of someone who truly cared for me; most  definitely was 'present' for me.

I loved how Larissa picked up on  a movie I had recently watched, relating it to my present and upcoming  situation. This was not a recent movie by a long shot, and yet I had  watched it for the first time not long ago, vividly remembering the  scene she equated to me. Also, she picked up on my stomach issues, which  were emotionally and physically based. There was much reason to believe  that these issues are finally leaving my body."
     Jenny T. Schenectady, New York

"Larissa  [is a] very knowledgeable individual, with a lot of great experience  and insight to share with the group. The classes are well structured and  guided. I recommend classes to anyone, regardless of what level of  psychic development you are. I am sure Larissa will make you feel  comfortable and enjoy the classes right off the bat. It is definitely a  MUST for anyone who wants to find their true self or get more involved  with spiritual development."
                Daniela R. Toronto, Ontario

"Larissa  is great. She put us at ease immediately and she is a fantastic  teacher. The [office] itself is very quiet and peaceful and my  experience was unlike any I've had before. I felt redeemed  afterwards...it's the only way I can describe my experience." 

                    Shina. Toronto, Ontario  

"I also wanted to send you a note to say thank you for class #(Day)1. it  was really nice and I also appreciated you making it a comfortable space in so many ways ... you were thoughtful and it also didn't feel like 8 hours! Looking forward to Sunday!"

              Jennifer B Toronto, Ontario

"It's a weekend I know that I will never, ever forget. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3 I'm guessing you hear this all the time, but it's been so strange  being back in my old life, nothing is the same. It feels a lot harder,  in a sense, but I've also noticed a lot of lucky synchronicity (more  than usual!). And I feel a stronger or at least calmer against the fears  and doubts that used to plague me.

Anyway I'll choose  instead to say that I'm grateful for the awesome group of people we  worked with, the delicious food we ate, the teachings you shared, LAKE  SIMCOE...I could go on and on. I feel certain now that I know now that  good things are ahead for me and I'm excited to see how it all unfolds. 

I hope to see you soon - my absolute best wishes and prayers for you until then,"

      Lindsay O, Toronto, Ontario

"Thanks again your wonderful space for us to thrive in!"

Bonnie C, Toronto, Ontario

"I  connected with Larissa at a very special time in my life - I am a  spiritual healer and thanks to the wisdom Larissa shared in her classes  and meditations, my ability to serve clients using my spiritual gifts  has been amplified. I have also seen Larissa for energetic healing, and  the shifts, releases and activations she helped facilitate have been  profound. Larissa is an open channel for Spirit to work through, for the  highest and best of her clients and she is perhaps one of the softest,  gentlest, and most loving healers I have ever met. This matters to me as  a woman opening to my own spiritual gifts, which have lain dormant for  most of my life. I consider myself fortunate to have met Larissa, and  recommend her for any of her services"

                 A. Evans. Toronto, Ontario

"The  intensity of feeling grounded and loved was almost overwhelming. The  release of physical pain was apparent almost immediately."
           Debbie M. D.  Toronto, Ontario

"I  could physically feel the healing sensations as the energy moved around  my body. I'm ready for another session! One small piece of the puzzle  revealed, another layer uncovered and a dark corner illuminated. Very  glad to have received this healing energy from Larissa."
            Toni S. Tallahassee, Florida

"I was so relaxed and at peace. Larissa made me feel so comfortable. I loved the experience!"    

          Betty W. Scarborough, Ontario

"Physically,  my neck and shoulders were feeling tight before the session and I felt  like I needed a chiropractic adjustment. After the session I noticed  that both my neck and shoulders were loosened and able to move without  the tightness I felt before the session- basically, no longer in need of  an adjustment! I would happily have another session with Larissa, this  was definitely of interest and use." 

     Katherine S. Stockbridge, Georgia

"During my healing  session, I felt much more relaxed than normal. Usually my mind is racing  but I was able to reach that tranquil part of myself that was "here and  not here" at the same time; Beautiful Silence! I knew and could feel  that healing was happening in specific areas [of my body,] but I was  brought to a blissful state of serenity, therefore allowing the flow of  healing to go wherever it was needed. After the healing session I was  able to deal with issues that were at the forefront of my life with  ease! Thank you!"          

Crystal P. Toronto, Ontario

“Amazing, Very Accurate, Very easy to talk to”
              Shannon O. Toronto, Ontario

“When  Larissa spoke about the anxious feeling she picked up around my home,  it instantly showed me that she was very in tune with the energy  surrounding us. Larissa almost instantly picked up on it, addressed it,  and proceeded to advise me that it wasn't my weight to bear. She also  taught me an exercise that I can practice to prevent me from picking up  energy that is not mine. It was extremely helpful and insightful -  wonderful to talk to a person who understands what you are going  through, without having to say anything at all! Larissa’s unassuming  nature and willingness to listen made me feel so comfortable. It was my  first time having a reading and healing, and Larissa made it a wonderful  first experience. I went into the situation fairly skeptical, but  Larissa showed me that it wasn't going to be some grand production with a  fog machine and a light show, but was instead just honest feedback,  connection, and guidance that was completely relevant to me and my  current situation. I would definitely see Larissa again for guidance in  the form of a reading or healing - she was fantastic!”
            Rachel M. Toronto, Ontario

“Larissa is an amazing person. She is calm, professional, relaxing, and soothing. It was a pleasure to have a reading from her.”
          Raquel T. Mississauga, Ontario

"Without  knowing me previously, Larissa showed incredibly spot-on insight into  an ongoing problem I've had for quite some time, and gave guidance into  that problem which really resonated for me and made me feel optimistic.  Larissa is wonderful to work with! I wasn't sure what to expect, but am  amazed at how much pertinent information she read from me (and I'm in  New Zealand!). She has a lovely healing and intuitive presence, even  over the internet 'chat'. I would definitely have another session with  her, and would recommend her to others!"
Elizabeth C. Wellington, New Zealand

"Larissa's  classes were very professional and fun at the same time: she  immediately put people at ease. I learned so much about my own abilities  in the psychic development class because of her encouragement and  enthusiasm. It's obvious that she is very gifted and loves to help  people with their own self-development, while maintaining a group  atmosphere but still offering individual support. I would highly  recommend any of her classes as each person can get so much out of them  personally."
Eleanor H. Toronto, Ontario

"I  first attended Larissa's group meditation session about six months ago,  and I have been "addicted" to meditating with Larissa ever since. Even  though I had been practicing meditation for a long time before then,  meditating in Larissa's group is always a special experience that takes  you much deeper and provides an emotional release, as well as healing  every time you do it. I have also tried Larissa's Reiki sessions as well  as Psychic Reading [& Spiritual Counselling] and both sessions were  really moving experiences for me. I have recommended them to many of my  friends, all of whom loved [the sessions] as much as I did. Whether you  are on a spiritual path or just trying to get answers for your every  day's questions, having a session with Larissa will provide you with  answers that will be delivered to you in a gentle and caring way"
               Oksana S. Toronto, Ontario

"I  feel so blessed to have been part of this weekend.  Thank you so much  for organizing this and being the genuine, lovely, open spirits you each  are.  

See you all in September!!! "

                  D.B. Toronto, Ontario

"Larissa,  I couldn’t possibly express adequately the love I still feel from your  welcoming embrace. It was a pleasure meeting you and being in your  beautifully loved space. Namaste," 

           Lucia R, Toronto, Ontario

"HI Larissa, It  was great to meet you at OM [Toronto] Open house on Saturday. Amazing space –  contemporary, airy and so beautifully designed. Great energy – powerful  workshop leaders, nice high vibrations and you have such a positive  beautiful presence! I’m very happy I have found you and the OM. I love  the sense of community, support and spirituality it holds." 

                         Evguenia C, Toronto

"I had an intuitive counselling session with Larissa and was extremely overwhelmed by happiness and gratitude because of it. Larissa has a very calm, welcoming and authentic way about her, enabling one to feel instantly comfortable and at ease. Not only is Larissa loving and genuine – she is incredibly patient, in tune, present, and has your best interest at heart. I was extremely impressed with Larissa’s ability to be a medium while channeling the energies of loved ones in my life whom had crossed over recently as well as more than 15 years ago. Her analogy of these energies was spot on, and brought tears to my eyes. The messages she carried for me were truly in their purest form, spoken from a place of pure light and love.

I walked away from my session feeling hopeful. My session with Larissa exceeded all of my expectations. I received guidance, messages, ideas, advice, healing, love and kindness. I am truly grateful for having been able to have such a profound and truly wonderful experience with Larissa."        Anne Marie C, Toronto, Ontario

"I definitely felt the  shift in energy focusing on the areas I was struggling with. There were  washes of energy and sensations in my shoulder. After the healing my  shoulder was relaxed and I had a greater range of motion as well as the  alleviation of sharp muscle tension."
                  Carly P. Toronto, Ontario

"The  session helped me to release a lot, mostly physically, as I had a very  intense pain in my heels, which was not actually the reason that I had  the Reiki session but for sure it is one of the most amazing results I  got right after. I also felt lighter, so I think I released a lot. I  want to note that Larissa is very kind and understanding of her client's  needs, situation and feelings...she is very professional, yet always  gives you this feeling that she knows [what you are going through] and  can feel your pain, assuring you that she is there to give you the hand  of help you need at this moment. This helps to put me in a more  confident mind set and helps me to open up more so I can receive  healing."

                   N.H. Scarborough, Ontario

"Larissa is a wonderful healer! I felt as if I had had a one-hour massage!"
          Cherly B. Georgetown, Ontario

"Larissa  did a Reiki session for me at at time when anxieties and stress levels  were quite high. At the end of the session, I noticed I felt much  calmer, more relaxed and much more hopeful. Since that session I have  had an easier time returning to a state of calmness and my anxieties are  easing with time."

                 Ainsley G. Toronto, Ontario

"The  Reiki session Larissa conducted for me was a wonderful experience and I  highly recommend her services to anyone. It was a wonderful experience  all around in a very peaceful and soothing setting. Larissa has an  incredibly warm energy, is a beautiful soul and is very well suited for  this kind of healing work. Thank you Larissa :)

Shawn J. of "ILYPIO." Toronto, Ontario

"Larissa  is an amazingly talented medium and psychic. She's thorough, accurate,  and very grounded  with a deep compassion and a practical understanding  of real-life. Larissa answered a whole range of questions from family,  business, money and health.

She started with perfect family  portrayals through the description of their behaviour, attitude, and  some details about their appearance and was able to bring through my  deceased father; answering questions around his death and offering me  comfort through his words and insight. She was even able to give me ways  to validate when he is visiting me.

Larissa offered specific  advice towards my husband's professional goals and actually described a  logo of a company that he would soon be partnering with, AND when money  would be likely flowing. Unknown to Larissa, this date coincided with  the anticipated completion of a long-term project!

Larissa also  guided me on my business goals and gave me clear & practical advice  on what areas I should grow over the next year. She even told me what  would attract more clients!

Healthwise, Larissa was able to share some insight and practices that have resulted in me feeling and sleeping better.

Larissa  is extremely talented and on top of that, she is completely generous  and open-hearted in sharing her gifts and wisdom with others. I wish all  mediums were as warm, kind and open as Larissa. Thank you so much  Larissa!"

           Tamara S.  Toronto, Ontario

"The  most significant part of the reading for me was the major issue I was  facing on the day of the reading, and in fact, for the past few weeks  and months. [This] is the thing that drew Larissa's attention from the  start. And she not only presented that to me, but she suggested a  solution that I think will work for me in such a way as to extinguish it  as an issue if I follow the suggestion. It's a simple suggestion but I  lacked the insight because of being too close to it all. Larissa was  able to address my most pertinent issue(s) today without my having to  clue her in on what that might be. I felt tremendously relieved to be  given a practical suggestion for a problem without even having to share  it with her beforehand. I feel she is a very gifted individual."

       Linda W. Greer, South Carolina

"I  loved this class! Everyone needs to take it! Larissa's wealth of  knowledge is matched only by her abilities. She made us all feel so  comfortable as we learned to trust ourselves and explore the unknown;  not only did I gain some amazing insights but some new friends as well.  If you are looking to connect with higher self, to have fun while  discovering your abilities, I recommend Larissa in a heartbeat!"

                    Jillian T. Toronto, Ontario 

"I  cannot say how much I enjoyed this group (Meditation). I will attend  again and tell everyone I know about it. For a nominal fee, it was  certainly worth it."
                   Mary S. Toronto, Ontario

"Thank  you so much for your lovely psychic session (Psychic Development  Circle) this evening Larissa! It was so healing and soothing to come to  your group, you are doing powerful and wonderful work! I almost wished  the session was longer because the energy raised was so pure and felt  blissful. You are such a caring, wonderful person and I cannot wait to  come to the next session and also see you again. Much love to you  beautiful Larissa, always and forever."

                           Kate. Toronto, Ontario

"A great experience and a chance to do something really healing for yourself."

                     Sue Y. Toronto, Ontario


"Thank you so much for facilitating such a wonderful weekend. Chris  and I both felt like we gained a lot from the experience and felt so refreshed after attending. Each of you had some amazing lessons to share  and we really appreciate you  for showing up and holding space. Sending you all love and many thanks!"

                      Carly & Chris, Toronto

"Thanks Larissa. Great info. Looking forward to next class and completing  the homework. I have such a better understanding of Reiki now. You're a  fantastic teacher and being of light and transformation."

                               Sandy J, Ontario

"Your place [OM Toronto] has to be the best energy serenity place around. 


                                    Hilda R, Toronto  

"Thank you for hosting such powerful events. Very grateful to be the  company of such beautiful beings of light and love and especially  grateful for having met you 🌹❤ A beautiful new beginning for me!"

             Joanna A, Toronto, Ontario

"I have had nothing but positive and incredible life changing experiences at Om Toronto. I have taken both the Law of Attraction course and the Intuition Development course at this studio. Larissa creates a beautiful, welcoming, and judgement-free space to learn and develop as a person. I entered the Om community looking to make major life change. I was recently out of a toxic, mentally abusive relationship. My family was experiencing tragedy. My health was poor, and I lacked energy and strength. Since I became a part of the Om Toronto community, Larissa's support and guidance both in and out of class has tremendously improved my life in every aspect. My mental and physical well being has never been better, I am in control of my anxiety and my health conditions are under control. I have received three raises at work that have allowed me the life experience of travelling and purchasing a vehicle. I have been able to heal my wounds and start a new romantic relationship. My relationship with my family and friends has improved. And most importantly to me, I have finally found my confidence and self worth as a woman. For anyone seeking life change, I would highly recommend courses at Om. Larissa provides all of the tools, support, and education you need to be successful, not to mention, she is an absolute angel! Much love"

Heather N, Toronto, Ontario