Let's Work Together


Reiki Certification

As  a Reiki Master, Practitioner & Teacher, I work with groups and  individuals to create a foundation built on research, wisdom and hands-on experience. I believe in teaching tools and techniques,  so when you leave the session or class and return to your life, you have the confidence and know-how to guide sessions. Learn more about this gentle, non-invasive Healing modality, and Reiki Certification by clicking here.  


Coaching & Consulting

As a Coach & Mentor, I have the honour of working  with individuals, couples and entrepreneurs to guide, encourage, and support you as we uncover your innate gifts and communication strengths. Together we reveal your Highest Values, fears and limiting beliefs and transform them into tools for Magnificence and Heart-Centered Connection.

As a Spiritual Counsellor and Healing Facilitator, I have the honour of working with and lending support to those who are navigating through emotional stress and anxiety, physical disease and discomfort, grief, depression, and bereavement. Together we embark on a physical,  mental, emotional and spiritual journey towards healing, creating  measurable results as you move forward.


Innate Wisdom Teachings

We each come into this world  with an Open Heart and through programming and taking on limiting beliefs, we learn to distrust and limit ourselves and our natural gifts of intuition and innate wisdom. The more highly polarized we become, the further away we move from awareness of our transcendent self. These courses are designed to assist you in discovering the truth of who you are, reveal your unique intuitive gifts and abilities, and create heart-opening opportunities for deep connection to your innate purpose and inspiration.